Hello my name is Thomas

and I am a 10+ years experienced IT support engineer who's also a coder Padawan


About Me

I am an experienced #SysOps since 2005, currently working for a US Managed Services Provider.
I have been learning Web development and JavaScript. I obtained a certification in Responsive Web Design.
I am now learning Google Go (Golang) of which I've grown very fond.
The more I'm learning about coding, the more it makes sense to me that with my sysops background, skills and current programming
and coding culture learnings, my next move is working toward becoming #DevOps.
I provided sysops support for developers teams and ran unit tests of Web applications and I loved it.
So, as much as I love learning to code, I will be happier using these skills to build / manage systems and infrastructures,
understanding what developpers and businesses need to evolve constantly and scale quickly.
I know middleware, systems and servers management, monitoring, networks and security basics,
Web protocols, cloud computing, Git, centralized config management and remote deployment...
But more, I love #code culture!


November 2019 - Present

2005 - 2017

I started back in 2005 as Linux System Technician, working solely on GNU/Linux Debian systems. Up to 2008, I held various System and Network Technician positions and graduated as an Associate of Science in the field of Computer and Networks Science. From 2008 to 2013, I served as an IT Asset Manager for Steelcase inc. In 2015, I've been providing support to teams of developers as an UNIX and Windows System Administrator, I was also responsible for running and managing Web applications unit tests at Ortho Clinical Diagnostics (Johnson & Johnson).
In 2016, I've been a Network and System Administrator for a wide hospitals group in France. And in 2017, one year prior expatriating to Latin America, I held a Linux System Engineer operator position on a wide scale Web Service infrastructure at Orange Telecom for Altran Technologies. You can view more details on my resume and my LinkedIn profile.


System and Programming



I host live previews of my projects on my codepen.io profile and sources on my GitHub.
A blog about #SysOps / #DevOps is a work in progress and will be live soon.