Hello my name is Thomas

and I am a 10+ years experienced IT support engineer who's also now a coder Padawan


About Me

I resumed my coding courses on July 2019. I am now passing each of the freeCodeCamp Certifications, working toward the Full Stack Development Certification. Earlier this year, and the last, I resumed courses on Google's Go (Golang) programming language of which I've grown very fond. So I'll be working on Go trainings in parallel as well. Also, I fully comitted to the #100DaysOfCode challenge, and I talk about it on a daily basis on my Twitter profile, loging my progresses and experience all along the way of my journey into self teaching programming.

I attend this journey aiming to build a solid foundation to become a competent software developer, with the same professionalism and rigour I applied throughout my whole career as an IT support engineer. This particularity grants me with a broader vision on development through 10+ years of knowledge and working experience in network infrastructure and security, high availability systems and cluster environments, as well as users and business owners understanding and assessment of requisites and support.

Work Experiences & Trainings

2018 - 2019

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System and Programming


Some of My Projects

Full Technical Documentation Website. This project is a part of freeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design Certification.

A simple tribute page built as a freeCodeCamp project for the Responsive Web Design Certification.

A responsive Web form for freeCodeCamp challenge part of Responsive Web Design Certification.

Product Landing Page mock up for freecodeCamp Responsive Web Design Certification.

Bash script generating a fully responsive HTML page with CSS containing useful system information, AWS or DigitalOcean cloud instances metadata, Auth and HTTP logs parsed with colors. Demo video.

One of my first personal project in Python, writing scripts for an I2C LCD screen to: display information dynamically, stop the scripts gracefully before cleaning the screen and turning it off, be controlable through a Telegram bot.

Collection of Python scripts to gather data from various serial RS232 connexions and process it. For instance, send the data in a MongoDB database, or request data from different sources over USB or Bluetooth serial ports and send it to cloud messaging services.

Alongside my Python scripts, I use Bash shell scripting frequently for system administration tasks. Here are some of the scripts I shared, mostly Raspberry Pi oriented, for cloud backups, post installation tasks or live DNS record management purposes.

Diplomas & Certificates

freeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design Certificate

Associate of Science in Telecommunications Technology and Computer Networks

Cisco CCNA 2 Certificate

Cisco CCNA 1 Certificate

Cisco ITE 1 Certificate