Welcome to my technical Wiki. Initially built as a challenge part of freeCodeCamp Responsive Web Design lesson, it is my goto memo / knowledge base.
On this home page you will find a summary of every section covered. For instance, some of the covered topics are:

  • Docker management command lines
  • Notes on Bash and shell scripting
  • Memo on commonly used Linux and Unix standard tools
  • Reminders on Git and GitHub commands
  • Basics in database administration like SQL or Influx commands.
You can view the full pages content by clicking on the "Read more" link in every section.

Bash and Shellscript

This page covers the basics of Bash and shell scripting on Linux / Unix systems.
Some of the subjects treated are loops, arguments, standard flows or colors in Bash. Example: for i in $(cmd); do cmd $i; done for i in $(docker images | awk '{print $3}' | grep -v IMAGE); do echo $i; done

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Linux and Unix Tools

Memo about mostly standard Linux and Unix tools commonly used in system administration. Example sed, echo, cut, grep, find, set, awk, rename, shred, rsync, rclone, etc..

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Vi Basics

A few useful commands for Vi text editor.
Replace a string in a file: :i,$ s/string-to-replace/string-used-for-replacement Useful Vi shortcuts: ctrl+V = edit a block ctrl+A = increase an occurency by +1 ctrl+X = decrease an occurency by -1 G goto EOF g goto BOF O addline above o addline below / = search esc+U = ctrl+Z d deletes a line d+$ deletes a line until its end

Useful Commands

This page regroups some miscallenous and useful commands for Linux / Unix systems, like network, monitoring, process management or system command lines. For example: watching established connexions between two hosts:
watch -d -n 3 "netstat -ap | grep `hostname`:4444[1-4] | grep ESTABLISHED" Watching a reverse proxy access_log, counting requests: cd /logs && for s in `ls -lrt *_access_log | grep " $(date "+%b %d")" | grep -v servername| awk '{print $9}'`; do flog $s; done

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Difference between Shell, Console and Terminal:
The terminal connects to the console where the shell is presented.
A TTY is a teletypewriter. It is essentially the equivalent of the console port but is often virtualized in software. If you jump to a different virtual console on your Linux machine using ctrl+alt+f1 to 12 combination and login in, you can see the multiple consoles with logged in users by running the who command.
Then there are PTS devices which are Pseudo Terminal Slaves, a virtual device of sorts. They are a form of TTY, but one that is emulated to allow a TTY connection over a network or some other means. SSH and Telnet are good examples of programs that use PTS devices.

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Iptables and Network Management

This is a collection of the commands I use all the time to manage firewalls and network on servers.

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Common SQL Commands

I'm always looking for my SQL most frequently used commands. I compiled them in this page, and added a few interesting things when managing SQL servers or SQL like databases like InfluxDB for instance.

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SSL Tips and Tricks

This section regroups CLI commands for Openssl like how to generate a strong Diffie-Hellman private key, connecting SSL Client to a server in debug mode and getting certificate and encryption information or applying HTTPS-HSTS configuration to nginx.

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Docker Commands

I followed two trainings on Docker administration and advanced administration, these are my notes and memo on the topic

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Git and GitHub Memo

A handy reminder of the Git most basics (and less too) like how to clean up folders both on local and remote branch...

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Go (Golang)

Right now I am actively following a few different coding lessons like freeCodeCamp for Web development certifications, two courses about Python on StackSkills and Coursera, mostly for simple system programming now, but I intent to use it for Web application backend development too.
And I am still in the process of going through this great cursus on Google's Go language by Todd McLeod.
I can only recommend it so much, this guy is awesome and a very good instructor! This page resumes my notes of the begining of his class.

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Useful Resources

LDAP and Open LDAP Management and Administration

LDAP search:

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